Happy Valentine's Day

The very first rose of the day :)
From B.Phal and B.Nang, our two associate Men!
Such a good start of the day eh!

So to celebrate, we agreed to together lunch at Mangosteen Restaurant.
So to share the day...

And here's the Valentine's Dinner
 Everybody before the food arrives

10 Years Married Couple
Nak Bang & Lok Bang

5 Years Married Couple
B.Tona & B.Mey

8 Months Married Couple

To Be Engaged Couple

Where we spent the night, Miro

Pork Main Dish

 Ice Cream and Cake Dessert

The reason for me to share this below photo is because from morning to night (before that moment captured in picture) I've been waiting for flower from Nak. When we met that evening, he said there's no flower this year. I used to not fancying flower but I guess once married, thing has changed. I just wanna have more attention and more romance inputting into this marriage. So flower on Valentine seems to be a must. The easy part though is that the flower doesn't have to be huge and expensive. A touch of love will do :) And he does just that. It was such a joy to surprisingly receive the flower. You can tell by that big smile on my face ;)


  1. Happy Valentine,
    very nice blog (found it accidentally) You travel a lot,
    and You look friendly,
    have a great day.


  2. He usually got you a rose as I recalled. He never has forgotten, has he? Well, such a nice time you guys had there. Fancy dinner too!

  3. Oh, you have mum's and yours pic at desk!


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