Sth is wrong

There is something wrong in my doing. Nobody approve of how I handle my life. None of the people actually agree to my theory. My strong belief in oneself does not pay off. Now, there is distance between me and all people around me. 

I started asking people for comments, I got all work up when receiving one that I don't like. I couldn't control my emotion. I couldn't take anything without having to feel offended. Why is it so hard for me to know what is going on and knowing how to solve it but could not do it? What's the point of knowing it all!


  1. Uhm, would you mind giving more details dear?

  2. It's complicated and I don't even know how to tell, Pha Pha :(

  3. Uhm, [I know it is easier said than done, but still] take it easy dear. cheer up!

    From what you wrote, I can say that this is not only your problem. It is a common problem experienced by most CAMBODIAN [or maybe ASIAN] girls. There are those family and social pressures which at times prevent us from doing what we wish to you. We all wish to say, "It's my life. Let me lead it the way I want to." But then, this voice comes, "Well, what would others think about you? How would your family feel?".

    Here, maybe you could just say, "Why would I have to care about others' thoughts or feelings?", and continue doing what you wanna do. But my dear, life is not that simple. In family or at work, there exists this need for adaptation. No one likes to change and/or sacrifice, as a matter of fact. We all love to be sacrificed for!!! However, if the change/sacrifice is for the better, isn't it worth making?

    Well, I’m not sure if this is necessarily related to your problem. ?? Anyway, tell me more when we meet next time. :)

  4. That's the starting of life. you will know more later and find the right solution.


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