Sam Doo in PP

I've been posting lots about Restaurants. I suspect I can't stop it now as eating out is part of my routine already. Let's taste the food at Sam Doo today!

Sam Doo offers a variety of Chinese food. It is being famous for it's original Noodle. One of the specialty is មីគាវទាខ្វៃ! (Mi Keav Tea Kvai). The cost is US$ 5 - 6. Yum Yum!!!

Sam Doo is located on Kampchea Krom Blvd (St.128), between Monivong Blvd. and Phsar Thmei, near corner of Monivong Blvd.

It was again for a change that every now and then Mum brought us together chitchatting and enjoying the different type of food. This time we have Aunty Lin, Aunty Cheat, Aunty Prany, Uncle André, Bee and I to dine together at Sam Doo. See photo for yourself :)


  1. So I heard and it costs less than USD40 for all of you. I would love to go there. Oh, I see that Bee quite often was there, too. I am sure mum thinks that she is me. kakakakaka

  2. I love the last picture. Especially the resemblance of the eyes!! :D

  3. Touch: Haha... you're right. And she talks as much as you do too haha... J/K. We all miss you!

    Pha Pha: Bee's my daughter. She ought to take some part of me hahahahaha...


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