I have a passion for inked and sometimes I just wanna get myself inked. I used to wanna have it at my back but there I wouldn't be able to see without looking through the mirror. I reconsider and suddenly wishes to have them on either my foot or arm. Oh well, I'm just saying :)


  1. I am so much into the inked, but i love those cute ballet shoes!!!

  2. Touch: There are two types of Tattoo, one is ink another is dye. Basically, I'm referring to inked type of tattoo. Just somehow delete the tattoo wording :)

    Pha: I notice you would love the shoes as well haha... And I think it plays major part in making the inked tattoo looks even better!

  3. had same question as povpov, and now i know. thank you. u know how much i want it hahaha but i love those pinkie ballet pump too.


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