A day after a happy day


Today, I went to school for Computer class to which I found it boring since it's too slow in progress. However, I never miss even one session; furthermore, I always be on time. Only for attendance though. Everyone in the class had seen me in TV last night. How can they see me? It's just because I went to MLTR's live concert. I did look crazy that people might have madly laughed at me. I know, it's just they are not me. Why do I have to care? I firstly feel good about myself not to think of other's view towards me but later when someone suddenly asked "aint you ashamed to be seen in such a way?" ... "I don't wanna talk about it". Why do I have to bother thinking of such a question? It's just I can't stop my brain not to work on it.


I was late again for afternoon class. It's nothing much to think about since my Lec. is kind enough to have tried explaining me about the lesson, he didn't see me in what I had thought he would as everyone might have thought of me but he seems to care about me as others who are being on time. Frankly, he's not really good at giving lecture yet he cares a lot about his student, I would say this is called being a good teacher. During the break, I went down with my friend, who wants to ask for permission to be off for 5days and who had given me present after coming back from VN. She's going there to check her ears to which having problem. Well, when I'm back there were no one in class except my bag and my other friend's bag. Damn it!!! I had never thought that these new classmate would be this helpless just to carry my bag along to the other room. Well, I might be too new for them but how about their old mate's bag? Hum... they are too individual.



  1. Don't care much! Those who said so sucks nas!!!! They are jealous of you for not being on TV screen neng na! I wish I were there wit you, so that we all could be the STARS :D

    Oh... How sucks they are! How could they do dis to my dear friend huh? I really wanna hit them so much!!!! I'll go to ur class and scold at them for you wen i get back na hahahah... next time study with me! I'll take care of you and ur belongings na hehehe :D Hugz...

  2. Yeah...strongly agree with Yan! I think they said so cuz they hadn't had such a chance. I would do the same if i had been there with u :)... Don't care as long as we know what v r doing, right?

    N thx for ur care dear... Love u too :D. Pls keep in mind that ur old classmates r with u all the time...(tell us if u want me to beat those guyz) ;)


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