Phcum Ben Day

Today is Phcum Ben day so I went to pagoda with my family plus relatives and brother's friends which had made it seems to be crowded hehehe... After leaving pagoda we all headed to our famrland to have lunch and rest. I did had a long nap though I woke up later than others in the morning lolz... Later, we went to row the boat again. It was quite nice, the water moved little by little by the gentle wind before sunset. Well, well, well,... time to go home!!!

I did do my work for one hour, at last. Hahaha... sounds funny, right? But you know, I seldom spend time for my study hehehe...

Forgot to tell, today I did the washing. Hum... it's just alittle thing but kinda tired lolz...


  1. oh don complain gal! m doing the washing all the time from dishes to bathroom, which I rarely did back home. =(

    well the pic down there looks like u wanna say "Huh, so free nas nor that u are taking pics, while m washing tiringly! Go away
    !" hahahhahaha

  2. Ha ha ha...poor you Yan! I used to do it as well but only when my homemaid was away...

    So we r much luckier than Yan, right Phors? :)

  3. hehehe... noti pha!

    Oh Phors, y removed the pic?

  4. u a rite, pha ;)

    well, i just feel don really like that pic anymore lolz...


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