I'm talking about Wednesday

Well, I did enjoy my days though sometimes I spent a whole day at home, just like today. However, it seems great as I can still being with ppl through internet. Tonight I did enjoy chatting with friends, cousin, and my son. heheeh... Quite fun to have them all mixed up in a place lolz... But you know what is more special than that? I can still have a short but nice chat with U hehehe... thanks to U to have spared Ur precious time being with me. GoodLuck for tmr ;)

Anyway, during my holidays at home I watched for about 10movies. Those include 3korean movise, one cartoon, and the rest are US movise hehehe... Korean movies are all nice but kinda sad in the end. BTW, I like The Longest Yard(recommended by my son). It seems cool hehehe....

Ok, last day to enjoy is gone. I'll have to do what I should from tmr on. Be hardworking and responsible, unlike last year... esp, be on time lolz...




  1. wowowowo.. 10 movies! really jealous now! I could do also last time, but not at this time =(

    You can do it, Yes you can!!! :D

  2. Oh 10movies? That's too much for a day girl!

    Ha ha ha...Yan, i think Phors does wanna hav a nic pair of glasses like ours hery meul tov :D


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