What a happy day? :D

Guess what? Today, I've been very happy since morning. He sent me an sms which is really sweet that could have made my heart melt hehehe... won't tell you what the sms said about :P Keep it in my heart heuy lolz...

After that great moment, I was called to go out with mom and sis. We went to a furniture shop to buy table with chair for my mother's friend as a present for her new house. While looking at them, I feel I wanna decorate my own house heheeh... Was thinking too far :P

Ah... that was then I and sis agreed to go swimming in the evening. Then we went there with my niece after my afternoon class. So long time that I never swim that I felt very tired after one moment of swimming. Should go often heuy merl tov heheeh...

When I was home nobody was down then I just came directly to my room as I had dinner already after leaving Parkway, where I swim.

Awe... isn't that nice to be home? What is more, to see somebody we want to see :) He was there and I was here hehehe... perfect, that's how it started.

Well, it seems late that the ending of the day was coming. My happy feeling still remains that then; we said some words that we wanna hear from each other. Ah.... what a sweet moment? hehehe....It was a happy ending lolz... I love it :)

Remember how he made me happy this morning? Well, that's how he made me to have a sweet dream with his sweet sms as ever yet it was sweeter than honey that you can taste ;) kekeke...



  1. Oh how sweet n memorable moments u had! Hmmm...make me jealous hery deng te :)

  2. I no who anonymous is as well. Come on Brother, reveal your identity! :p

    Oh anyway. So SWEEEEEEEEEEET! =)

  3. Hehehe...i think i know who he is as well. M i right Phors?


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