I really think you should learn how to park your car

Today, I was early for class which had made me parked my car somwhere else that I thought would be better than the place where I usually park. However, it turned out to be worse as when I came to take the car, it was stuck. Couldn't go back nor forward, nor left or right but still where it was. No way could be found to leave so I have to put myself calm and have a drink and do some homework to kill the time. I did ask the security guard there to help me but he's so useless. It seems to be a waste of money when school hire them to work but they can do nothing to help when there's a problem. I felt really bad when I got a chance to leave school early but need to wait for an hour and a half to get out. However, it was not too bad since I finished my homework when it's time for everyone to leave.



  1. hehehe... next time u should do it again cos it can make u finish ur homework effectively :p

  2. Ha ha ha...strongly agree with Yan! :D

  3. hehehe... if u both think so, let's pray for the teacher to be ill more often tov jeng :P

  4. what de'hell de guy named thop talking bout corruption in dis blog? i didnt get his point, dude dis isnt pubic debate forum.


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