I really think you should learn how to park your car

Today, I was early for class which had made me parked my car somwhere else that I thought would be better than the place where I usually park. However, it turned out to be worse as when I came to take the car, it was stuck. Couldn't go back nor forward, nor left or right but still where it was. No way could be found to leave so I have to put myself calm and have a drink and do some homework to kill the time. I did ask the security guard there to help me but he's so useless. It seems to be a waste of money when school hire them to work but they can do nothing to help when there's a problem. I felt really bad when I got a chance to leave school early but need to wait for an hour and a half to get out. However, it was not too bad since I finished my homework when it's time for everyone to leave.



  1. hehehe... next time u should do it again cos it can make u finish ur homework effectively :p

  2. Ha ha ha...strongly agree with Yan! :D

  3. hehehe... if u both think so, let's pray for the teacher to be ill more often tov jeng :P

  4. Are you Cambodian or has your family lived or worked abroad? If they have not there is a 99% chance your family gets money from corruption. Does you father work in the government?? I would guess yes?

    Considering there is a 50% tax on vehicles imported into Cambodia how does your family afford to let you, a 19 year old, drive a toyota Rav 4 that costs $25-$30,000 US dollars if bought new + 50% tax could equal = $40,000. Considering a doctors salary is only a couple hundred dollars per month, rural univeristy professors can earn $75 US dollars per month, and a teacher earns $20-$40 per month how do you afford your lifestyle of digital cameras, a trip to Hong Kong, University education, and dining in the best restaurants in Phnom Penh. The price of meals in some of the restaurants I see in your pictures is higher than the daily wage for a university educated Cambodian. It is no surprise that you would defend one of the most corrupt countries in the world against corruption charges.

    Cambodia is a country that receives up to 50% of it's annual governmental budget from foreign aid.

    So just to let you know Cambodians have not been rebuilding Cambodia, foreign governments have. If Cambodians were left to their own means there wouldn't even be roads or electricity there. Cambodians do not even oversea the operation of their own temples Angkor Wat nor do they operate their own memorial to their own killing fields..........

    Cambodia has the highest HIV rate in Southeast Asia.
    42% of Cambodian females are illiterate.
    There is no social security,no minimum wage, no justice.
    Regular armed conflicts ceased in the late 90's.
    Ex-Khmer rouge currently run the government.
    There is no healthcare for poor.
    Forced prostitution is normal and not prosecuted.

    Go and live like 90% of other Cambodians do and then maybe you'll have a realistic view of the life of Cambodians. Hate to say it but it is highly highly unlikely your family is not corrupt if they have never worked abroad!

  5. what de'hell de guy named thop talking bout corruption in dis blog? i didnt get his point, dude dis isnt pubic debate forum.


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