Sth different


I seem to have done sth unsual for my days. Since yesterday, i went to library to search for more info about my teaching technique that I did this afternoon. I did enjoy sitting and reading all those book i chose, Puzzle, Words Square, ... .

This morning I went to the library again (in diffrent school) to look for any thesis that might have the same topic as mine. Rarely had I go to library since last year, but I always got the ID card to borrow the book though. Hum... it was good to be in there as I found it interesting to see many books. I didn't have enough time for reading, however.

After leaving school i rush back to my house to pick my sis and went shopping. We did go to many places such as Book shop, Bank, Post office, Printed house, and Lucky super market in just 2hours hehehe... Did enjoy buying lolz...

Time does flies, just as i finished my lunch it almost time for my next class. Quickly printed my paper and made copies then went to school, i was a bit late. It's nearly my turn, my phone range and there's sms from him. He's just right at the time. I feel great, really great, indeed, that I did my job happily though it was not a perfect one as it's my first time in teaching. Thanks so much for Ur sms dear.

Anyway, I didn't feel well at all after that then i decided not to go for class this evening. After having a rest, i still don't feel good :( What to do?



  1. sound so bz but happy! u no i miss doing those stuff as well. really wanna do it wit u wen i go back ok? heheheh


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