Best and Worst Birthday of my life

Why Best?
  • I was not late so I didn't hear my mum complaint of me being late
  • I felt satisfied with my make up, hair, and dress
  • The decoration looks great
  • Friends came though there was a heavy rain (some of them even was totally wet)
  • Most of my colleague came (they showed that they are happy to come)
  • Unexpected friend came
  • Guest can stay longer (most of them stay till 10)
  • Guest showed their enjoyment
  • The party went smoothly despite the heavy rain which cause flood
  • My sis made such a good speech
  • My mum look happy
  • My bro in law came though his tooth hurt him badly (he even tried to buy a new shirt for the party)
  • My third bro dress super nice (even nicer than me)
  • My cousins dress very nicely with make up (nicer than usual)

Why worst?

  • Dad was in JP for work
  • Grandma was not there though she got all her dress prepared even before I do
  • Sweetie was not there cos he was caught up by his work
  • (why 3 of them just couldn't make it for the only one day?)
  • There were heavy rain.
  • Flooded and car almost broke down.
  • Lots of friends couldn't come.
  • Numbers of people came to my birthday without even saying "Happy Birthday" to me.
  • Numbers of people didn't want to talk to me though I tried to greet them.
  • I could almost cry when I was asked the unexpected question from one of my friend (don't ask me what the question is)
  • I got hit by sth when I was done blowing the candle.
  • I made a worst speech.
  • My left pair of shoes almost went off for few times (probably cos i consider myself as Cinderella lolz...)
  • Pictures came out very bad (unlike what I expected)

Add more later, now tov eat first.


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