Gemini - Friday June 29, 2007

I check my horoscope everyday and you know, I believe in it sometimes cos sometimes, it's just not correct. Anyway, this one makes me wonder.

There's a possibility that someone you know could reveal a personal secret of yours today. This could be somewhat upsetting to you and a bit difficult to understand. Just realize that some difficult issues may have to be dealt with right now.

What is my Personal Secret??? I have no idea. I never knew I had a personal secret before. What worries me is that it would upset me. I'm tired of being upset. Hearing so, I feel like vomiting. Oops! Sorry, I think I have some problem with my health. I slept a lot but never been enough and this vomiting stuff occur quite a number of times so far. I'm not gonna see the doctor though. It's just well, no faith in doctor. SORRY DOCTOR!


  1. Doing exercise, lady
    it can help you ya body and ya helth, i think...

    Hey lady i don't like ya blog; i can't read properly cause the letter is black and the theme is dark-gray; hence, it's quite hard for people with bad eye-sight like me :(

    Change the letter to white :)

  2. thanks for the advise but lazy hehehehe...

    I changed the color heuy... clear enough?


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