Just a writing for today

Yesterday was known as a no class but study group session. Sis convinced me to join her meeting with friends but I refused for I chose to study. Sounds unbelievable eh? It weren’t so good for I don’t feel like going to school at all. However, I still manage to be there for I have nowhere to go since my twin and third bro was with friends, sis is with mum, and big bro with his wife. Life is boring sometimes. So, when I arrived, class was full of student. Ah! I have the courage to study. But anyway, our lec left giving us space to study. It was the first and last big study group we’ve ever had. Around 20 people were there in a big circle. I felt super hungry by then and yes sleepy dol kor. By any mean, I managed to open my eyes and let my ears absorb the sound of the lesson [hehehe]. So by 8.10pm we were done and ready to go home. I passed my sis house and found my bro’s car there. Ah huh! You guys having fun without me phorng? I immediately get my phone and dial my bro. Here I come to join you guys! So they weren’t having a party, they just pick mum at sis house. By the way, we went to big bro house to give sis in law her birthday gift. I don’t have one for her though :-( Later we talked and had fun like viewing picture, trying the cloth that was a gift, and blab la bla. Finally, time to go home! Once I was home, I felt so tired and felt asleep without knowing when. Aww… what a sleep-er!!!