Happy Birthday Aunty Chumeng!

She's my only big aunty who is living in PP. I and her rarely talk but well, she's good with my twin. She got me a gift on my birthday but I haven't yet thanks her for I don't know how to thanks. (i'm very bad in talking to elder) So, today is her birthday, I just gotta say Happy Birthday to her as we, my family, usually buy her flowers (she loves flowers) and bring her out for dinner. This time, I'm gonna go with my twin and elder sis with a cake to celebrate her day. But anyway, I still have to call her to say happy birthday. I want to wish her some more but I just have no idea how to say it. So I just give it a try with the below word. Tell me what you think.

Happy Birthday Aunty!!!

May you be healthy and Happy Always!!!

How does that sound?