Bored? Tired? You know, every time I come to you, I always have problem. It's annoying. But well, not you then who else to go to? Well, let me think about it. Anyway, I'm upset. Very upset when I talk too much. Can't help decreasing it though. Hum... no such a word Cannot. Ok, so I talked till no one talk. That's funny. But didn't feel that way. So I just got mad. Geezz... What was I thinking? I just know my life won't last long. Why bother thinking of others then? I'm just gonna serve nobody but myself. Enough! Stop thinking! I'm tired. I wanna look cheerful tonight. I know people always see me so. And I'm gonna laugh my head off with every joke anyone make. Start lying again. I'm not gonna laugh if it aint funny. Look, instead of making me happy, you tell me you wanna make me happy. That's not a doing, it's a saying. Whatever! I just need to go now. Gotta rush rush rush! Tired with life.

Bye diArY