One thought

I've been very emotional so far. All I got in return was being gloomy all the time. Wishing things were different and bla bla bla. Now it seems that being so hadn't helped me at all, why would I stick with it for any longer? Thus why, I seek a solution which would help. Now I came up with a way of changing my life. Don't care what other thinks. I don't care what people would give me. But I care what I would give them. As far as I've known, whenever I do sth for anyone that one tend to be happy though they might or might not return me with some stuff. But their smile does make me feel happy. What else could I ask for when I see those I like being happy? I know I would be happy if they do me this and that to me. So yes, they would also be happy if I do this and that to them. Ah huh! I got the point! I'm gonna make people around me happy... Are you ready to be happy???

[laughing my head off]