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Your Strongest Source of Motivation
Travel: Opportunity to embark on adventures
Your strongest motivator is what you should consider first when looking at any job or career path. For example, if Family is your key motivator, you should consider a job that allows you scheduling flexibility. But if you are motivated by Creativity, a desk job will only make you unhappy. When pondering a career path, your motivators will lead you to a happy and healthy life, while succumbing to outside "obligations" can often lead to unhappiness.
Your Weakest Source of Motivation
Recognition: Your desire to be recognized by strangers
It is important to realize your weakest motivator, as jobs that focus on this factor will likely be ill-suited to your personality. For instance, if your weakest motivator is Philanthropy, you will probably not enjoy working at a nonprofit organization, since you will gain little from their primary motivator and will have little in common with other employees.