Never again would I move the house. It was damn tiring though there are lots of help from Ricky, B.Phy, and Yeng. Could not imagine doing it on my own. Guys, thanks a million ne!

Now struggling for internet. It should have been alot easier if ... well, let's forget it for the if would never work.

Ok, now using school PC. Sucks! As always esp when it display in this stupid language and that I have to use this stupid keyboard. I have tons of thing to complaint from now until I get the connection at home again. Watch out!

PS: Don't wait up to see me online cos I'll be stuck at home, cleaning, cooking, and lots more...


  1. Yes, I am not waiting anymore. I will just text you when I want to. By the way, I really wish I could help you move. But as you know you have to come here instead. kekekeke


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