Graduation Ceremony

1st experience joining Graduation Ceremony in here. It was wow... Loy! Except the fact that there's no gown #_#

While waiting (we were late due to some reasons, so we have to wait outside for the graduand to come out)

Our Beloved Senior, the 5 Super Stars hehehe....

Girls in mission

Wanna know what our mission is?

Follow us!

With Bang Dara

With Bang Vannak

With Bang Rachany

With Bang Chantha

With Bang Phea


Mission accomplished!

Behind the scene

Real Picture of the very cute couple ^_^

(My sis exclaimed, isn't he staying in Tokyo? I said: yes, his body is. However, his heart stays here in Nagoya hehehe...)

Smart Ladies

(Was trying to squiz in for that name hehehe...)


???CSAN Vs CSAJ???

ME~* and My Senior Sa-art ^_^

Last but not least, I gotta tell you this...

Ot graduate kor ban flower ning ke de... thanks ne RICKY!!!

Guys!!! Is this your day??? (I wonder... hahahaha...)


Phossdey said…
Absolutely cool! Everyone looked so professional. Bang Rachny was the queen among the other four guys. Ke ke ke ... and yes, I wonder why Bang Phy and Chhunhieng put on suit too? Wanna attract someone? lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ricky! I want a rose too. :D
Unknown said…
no wonder, it is not their, Eh! look professional and smart. i love this pictures.
Unknown said…
Haha... Phors, good job!!! Love the way you posted the pic. Hey, your rose looks super nice in here! I left mine at my study room... =(