CSAN Bowling Championship Spring 2008

CSAN Bowling Chsampionship is one of the activity that is commonly held twice in a year, one is in Spring and another is in Fall.

In March 08, 2008 CSAN had made the event exist once again after the last challenge on November 3, 2007.

Since picture worth thousands words, why not have a look at it and give each your own description?



Cup for 1st male and female champion

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Male Champion
1st Sun Chhunhieng, 2nd Ngoun Sethykun, 3rd Duong Chantha

1st Champion
Seng Hun

2nd Champion
Sok Lim

3rd Champion
Sambo Samphors
ME~* ^_^

The most strike award (male)

The most strike award (female)

The six champions



  1. Talking about the 1st prize, they both wearing red. So I assume next time you want a first prize, wear red! lolzzz

    Miss everyone!

  2. y bong Kosol didnt get the champion?..U should have shown the score of the champion!..lol..cos i wanna know so that i can compare with others in here..haha.

  3. let me help, the average score is very low than ever, 153 and total score only 460. and only three game, with lot of pressure and most of us get very low score at the last game. know one knows what will happen, but with hope and love, everything maybe possible!! Ricky


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