Don't wanna be nice

Seeing things in two ways doesn't mean I can choose the right
one. It's tiring to keep thinking of what is a should and what is not. Every
time I try to do the should, it was difficult but I arrived somewhere that is
believed to be a goal, I wasn't satisfied. I expected to be appreciated. I
expected to be noticed. I wasn't. And I was discouraged.
Could everything be such a discouragement? Of course not.
There are two saying of the result I got. I took the opposite of possitive.
Though other would have seen it differently, I don't bother thinking it twice.
The beliefe of first impression stays strong in thought.
I was cricticized. I have to admit, it's not at all at my
pleasure. Too easily offended. Always place it on myself and think that I am
thought to be not good. None actually had said it but expression shows it clear
with my own preception.
So I was said to always self-talk. It sounds creepy. Really,
it is. Btw, You gotta know why did I do that.
The part of not wanting to be nice is just another experiment
of life. Decent changes would make it be more interesting, a voice cam through.
Shall I or shall I not?

Sorry, it's a combination of thought. Couldn't tell what I'm trying to say here hehehe...


  1. hmm.. i don understand wat u r trying to say here hehehe..

    anyway, u know wat u do and i will always support u :)

  2. Honey.. u know what to do and i always support u...I LOVE U AS ALWAYS...

  3. i think you have a lot of people support you like families, friends and your love one. don't think too much. try your best! :-D

  4. I think I know what you meant. Not a hundred percent sure, though. Anyway, I dare to give a try to speak it out. Sorry, for sometimes I was being pushy. I know I mostly was to you. All I mean is to make you feel happy. I love you sis. And I am glad you found these messages. You know what you want so stick with what you want. Do not remind of what you do not want. It is what you are supposed to do.

    Love you always.


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