Trip to Nagasaki

Exploring, exciting, amazing, fun, and all are only some adjective to describe the trip to Nagasaki. It couldn't at first be told to be this amazing but look back after all the backache, the sleepless night, and the untastety food, I realized that it worth it for I've gotten back the memories with the place itself as well as with friends.

Now, let's get on the bus with me and see Japan ;)

Nara Park

Nara Park


Todaji Temple


Dinner on ship

Too much


Best view of all



View from Hotel

Dinner on second night

Singing time


Oura Catholic Church

Inside Church

Friends on the way to Glover Garden

With two chinese @ almost there Glover Garden

View from somewhere

Glover Garden


Nagasaki Peace Park

1945.08.09 11:02 Atomic Bomb was dropped over the Urakami district of Nagasaki

All-together picture

Let's throw all the evil ^_^

After throwing all the evil, felt relief and happy haha..

Very cute Orange car, isn't it?

The Golden Temple, Kyoto

Infront of Kinkaku-Ji


  1. Nice pics! It seems you doing good there, dear. :)

    Anyway, plz say hello to Cheat for me. It's been ages since we last met and talked. I hope she's doing fine.

  2. all pic ar so nice na sis, wish i can join u over there...
    take care na, miss ya!!!

  3. Don't want to believe that the food was not tasty despite its good look. Are you sure about that?

    Anyway, the outfits look just perfect with the scenario of the places.

  4. For just a few months, you look more like Japanese girl to Khmer. I like, of course, Japanese dressing style :)


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