Graduation & Farewell Party

No meeting with no goodbye; likewise, today is a day for one and all who is on their way back home to pursure another goal of life; yet, to say goodbye to those who stays. It was pretty sad at the moment of Experience Sharing Session. It was hard to hold back the tear and emotion that one's heart was crying and falling deep in memories. Though I couldn't fully see nor understand the exact feeling he had, but I was touched. Bang Phea, we'll miss you and the joke you always have for us to laugh. Good luck to all, btw.

Waiting for graduand to be seated ^_^

MC, Seila

CSAN President, Kanharith

10 Seniors!

DUONG Chantha

KONG Sam Onn

HENG Sophea


NGIM Sokrachany

NGOV Peng Huy

NONG Sovannak

Chim Samnang


IN Dara

Pizza (I made it, just topping and heat it lolz... Thanks to Kanharith for cutting the saucesage, to Yeng for topping, and Bang Samrach for slicing it ^_^)

CONGRATS to all the 10 Seniors!!!



Slide Show

Cheat, Accountant, KomPong Tea Loy Hahaha...

Khmer-American, Bang Meth (sorry, I already forgot how to spell his name hehehe...)

Dance Dance Dance

Rom Vong

Female DJ? (They were trying to find their favorite song only lolz...)

Time to wash the dishes (But there were only two who did it. I was busy taking picture hehehe...)

CSAN Committee 2008


  1. Haha... so many pictures here! Seems like most of the activities were described. Good job!!! =)

  2. CSAN should learn from TOM about the hot news post, i think. hhaha. there are all main activities and from the beginning to the end,and you are great as always ne!! love the Pizza pic most, and waiting for more for eating, i love that!! who make this pizza? TOM!!! Ricky

  3. I wanna cry! I miss all of them. wa wa wa wa wa wa


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