Ski Trip

View along the way


In snow cave


Name tag

Cambodian in Team 3

Guess who?

Two important ladies in this ski trip

Meeting after a day skiing

Ready to go to bed

So cute!

With Me~*

Rabit footprint

Instructor and leader

Team work (butI was busy taking pic lolz...)

Cable up to the top


Basket ball (go go bang phy!)

Japan and Norikura


So this is lunch???

Cambodian only!

I love the tree behind. Thanks Hieng for such a nice shot!

Last shot for Team 3

A shot for everyone


  1. Did you play basketball too? Looks so much fun! I wish I were there too. Love every pictures and I miss everyone!

    PS You look terribly funny with the food. hahahahaha

  2. wow, very interesting post. all events are briefly described. i wish to see the video clip soon so that POV will see how we are!!! POV, you will see how great TOM is if you see the clip!!! i am sure. Ricky

  3. Wow, a lot of photos here! Love them. You were very great at skiing. Thanks for your help ne!!! =)

    Get well soon!!! =)

    Touch, miss you too!!! =)

  4. wowo..terp ter mok japon sos ban tov leng snow..honestly, I've never been to such a snow trip! on you..hheh..not so stressed after coming back home..

  5. aww...really nice pic!
    Love it all, i wanna play basket ball, ski too..lolz..miss u


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