Spring is here

Been sick and kept myself from cold for two days, I think. Today release myself to have my eyes doing some exercise by going shopping. There are lots of new stuff since Spring is here. I guess the theme is Yellow that every shop has at least one stuff in yellow color.

So, I went shopping with Cheat after picking up our house insurance from CALE and delivered it to Smile Home, the agent. We spent a whole 3hours at Takashimaya just to look around and buy these little and cute stuff as to be seen below.

This ain't new phone but new look. Nice? I just realize, I like sparkling thing. I'm going to add more on this hehehe...

New Bracelet with my and my twin's name. Lovely ne! But damn expensive lolz... I bet I can get an alot cheaper price if I were to buy in Cam but hum... #_#

I don't buy this little girl lolz.. I and Cheat just found her to be very cute and adorable which we took her home with a flash of our cam ^_^


  1. yo ho!! happy to see that and hear that you are doing shopping ne!!!

  2. Yeah, she's cute but less than me ne? ^_^ hahahahahaha The outfits look nice, yellow is our color, however, i still prefer pink. heehehe


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