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I've been here for 10days by now. Has anyone feel er... kinda, you know, missing me??? Hehehehe... Just ask leng!


  1. hey Phors! we do miss you here. Or you want someone else to miss u?

  2. yes, very much... our academic adviser is missing you very much, you know haa.... the three of us here had to make a lot of excuses in the last seminar we had with him lol...

  3. er..ort mes ta, but wish 20 Nov come faster ..:D

  4. Oh it's 10 days now? Time flies!So you know what it means right? hahaha...!!!

  5. kakakaka, time flies! hahhaha, you are missed!

  6. Nak: THANKS *Kiss Kiss*

    Bang Neth: You know so well ne???

    Bang P(ee): Hahaha... thanks and there are more to go, rite???

    Elen: Can't wait to see you and get those... hehehe...

    Nha: I know you are just like all the girls. Says the opposite only ne! :P

    R: Thanks and glad that you still have some space to miss me too hahaha...


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