Nagoya Matsuri Festival

Autumn last year, I joined this biggest event in Nagoya. Today, I, once again, tagged along with my friends to see what I have once seen and loved since last year. Though this year seems to have less people and not many dancing performance, I still enjoyed it quite a lot. Now, let's enjoy it together with me *smile*

Welcome to Osu Kannon Temple

Wanna know your fortune?

Pick one! But don't forget, 200Yen ne!

Now you may read to see if you are lucky or...

Says no good? Leave it here, and pick another *wink*

Let's go for the parade madong!

Tired after a long walk

Not only ladies are tired hehe...

See the word Nagoya there?

Big guy! *hehe...*

Cool girl *smile*

Very friendly

Funny, isn't s/he?

Some of us

During the tour, I was attracted by...


The real Geisha

Last that you know it's never been the least!
My daughter *LOLz*


  1. great post, i enjoy with you post. that is why i don't need to go.

  2. Duh! Your daughter? I thought it was Bee. hahahaha That's real Geisha! Anyway, what did you get from that fortune paper?

  3. ur daughter ? oh can it be...:((...hik hik..:((..kidding.

  4. Touch:
    Yes, my daugther wears Purple lah... bee wear her mama color lolz...

    The fortune said I got the best luck. But more detail is not known since it's all in japanese haha... it is with me, anyway. Will check dicitionary hehe...

    Nak: Shall i say ours? (lolz)

  5. Lah i enjoy the pic ^^ kinda u had a good holiday, didn't u??

  6. Chingchang: I think I'm having a better holiday now lolz...

    Elen: they are only nice pic hehe..

    Nak: LOLZ!!!


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