I have my PC sent to Anana Repairing Center since it's where the PC was purchased from. They said to contact once there's any update. Yes, they did. They said, it was sent to Sg for the repair. That was 2 months ago. Nothing have I heard from them ever again. They simply answer the phone with an "I don't know" reply. I've been waiting and waiting. Now I'm not sure who to blame or how to get my PC back but WAITING. Yes, I'm waiting and waiting. Hopefully, they don't keep it till the warantee is expired and claim for payment. GOD! I wish they did. Well then, I'm ready to spend all I have to blow the company down. (duh!) I'm just a little mad here. Pardon me (lolz).


  1. wish you will get it soon, coz here in JP, you cannot survive without pc.

  2. lol,, haha, wish u get new Laptop soon!! Haahaha good wish ne??

  3. Which brand you are using? If you still have its serial number and other PC details, probably you can always write directly to the repair center in Singapore.

    The best thing is to write letter of complaint to Kohsantepheap (I probably could find way on how to get it published on its website)

  4. Elen: Yeah, best ever! Lolz... Now having a hard time choosing a new one (duh!)

    Dom: It sounds great but er... kinda more upset at the moment. So yeh, can keep the door open when later, I suddenly wanna ask you more about it?


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