Passport Photo (1)

It was not difficult to get a picture, to send, to print, or to post in Cambodia. But things are not easy when I am here. I felt a little fustrated already before I had this picture scanned. Btw, it is done and sent. Hopefully, no one is going to bug me for another passport photo or a copy of any certified certificate. Waiting...


  1. Why this photo is needed? hmmm, maybe it is usual for some reason that i don't know. oh, i guest that is hight school photo. you are so young ne! kekeke

  2. That looks like someone I was teaching at ELBBL 3 years ago, Lolz!

  3. R: Picture was taken since 2005. I shall look young lolz... and that's for my Certificate ;)

    Elen: Thanks ah oun!

    Touch: I always like yours too ;)

    Bang Nang: Not just the look, prof. It's ME~*, your student once hehe..


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