Could this be true?

''Even if you leave me, even if you love another, even if you marry another, even if you have a new family with another, even if... I will still love you.''


  1. wow! how strong u r!?
    i think that u r now trying to lying urself. u'll get pain someday!
    i dont believe that u still love him when he marries with girl that is not u. u will change ur mind when u find another one who is better than him.
    hey, a nice comment for u to forget him when this happens is dat u just regard him as a useless and unvalueable guy(pross thork teab).

  2. take it easy....fate will decide ur story..

  3. Chamroeun: Thanks for your comment.

    Nak: I love you too.

    Poem Park (hehe..): Thanks for your comment. However, I could never treat a man I love as an Unvalueable Guy. He would always be a great man to me.

    Touch: Just maybe?

    Vandy: Yeah, can take it easy but can't wait till fate give its final decision. Gotta act if there's still a chance ;)

  4. yes, strongly agree it is true. Even if...., i will still love... Ricky. Gotta act if there's still a chance is good idea. and finally, we will fine the right person. TOM, good question and comment.

  5. sound very sad to me. anw, may not be true, haha, time changes everything!

  6. probably, I guess. Depends on how much you love the person, It is possible to still love that person even after time has passed. On the other hand as a human being with society around us, we will definitely move on with our life one day, I suppose.

  7. Thanks R!

    The last two comments seem to be being so realistic ne! Thanks for the comment guys!

  8. I am wondering who that lucky man is.

    Yo Yo!

  9. I can say it is depend...
    Some would say only silly gal would do that.
    Some would pride their love, the power of love is stronger than everyting. Noone can imagine..
    *lah but i like this quote alot ^^


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