Safe and Sound

I left just yesterday night and arrived just this morning. It's quite a tiring trip but I am fine. I just have to be. It's not fieldwork but you know, a trip lolz. So, enjoy the few pics I've taken since my arrival.

Brisbane Domestic Airport

On the train, going to the city
and that hat! I got it from Cairn

Late Lunch @ JJ Rest.

Ooh... Purple!!

Botanic Garden/Garden Point


  1. hahaha, no one knows what will happen in the future. a day is so much different in time and place. and i see you are very happy my friend.
    enjoy your day na. oh, ask POV to come here again and ask her to play ski, ok?

  2. Good ne! Enjoy your trip... Here no more bowling company to beat lim and b.pheara. Hik hik... Gonna miss you!

  3. welcome to Brisbane, OZ :)
    loy loy tiang pi neak mong neh :p

  4. R: Yeah, thanks to such a high tech. lolz... will sure ask her but no guarantee for a yes reply.

    Yeng: I'd missed you too when you were gone. And now, I still do. In no time, I'll be back :) Wait for me hehe

    Elen: Sweet ey oun?

    Dom: Brisbane now your place too?? J/K. I donno if you wanna say both or one l0lz...


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