So... this is YOUR academic life eh?

Before knowing who to call mama, you were sent to nursery school. When you knew how to walk properly, kindergarten was your second home. When you start to acknowledge that math is difficult, you were among those crying kid (lolz) in a private class. Real school started when you could count your age to 6. The first scary moment attacked your heart when you were 10. Luckily, it paid off and you continue calling the most talkative person in class, Teacher. It didn't end any faster than you wish and you had to wear white and blue with a pony tail hairdo. 15, one of the favorite number but the worst moment started. 6AM-9PM was your daily school routine. Hoping for a better one was just a hope cos school started to tide you up since your first year in Uni. It got tighter when 3rd year began. First finally, you thought it's got loosen up but dang! You still had another year to go. I guess you thought you had an easy life when you applied for a new outside world school. Or I guess you thought you would have a free life. You mistaken cos now your nerve is on the edge. The steps are, First semester was for language, second semester was for credit, vacation was for more credit, and second year is a new start for your paper. Yes, paper ...
PS: You know, you is ME~* ^_^


  1. hmmm, it is an interesting brief history or educational background of the real you. i feel you facing hardship but those hardship is smaller than you. you are always success. and you will! i trust you my best friend. Ricky

  2. uh huh...everyone got this life...
    m kinda follow ur step
    :P :P

  3. R: Thanks lah! Same ne!

    Elen: Please don't! It is not fun. Believe me, it's not even a bit lolz...

  4. well, too late, m already fall into it :P :P


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