Bread & Egg

Bread and egg are the two things that could easily be found at anywhere. Since it is also my favorite, I created a snack for my growling stomach when I was visiting Nak Bang. Bee loves it. She also asked me how to make it and she said to make it with Pair when Pair comes for a visit which is about a month to go. And then she will sell it for some saving. She also said she wants a restaurant when she can afford one. I used to have this kinda dream but none has come true (yet?). It's good to dream big though :)
So, here's my Bread & Egg

Bread (3 slices)
Egg (1)
Sugar (1tbs)
Peper (pinch)
Salt (pinch)
Olive Oil (good for your health lolz)

Here's how
First, mix egg, sugar, peper and salt together well then put it aside. Second, cut the edge of each bread and slice them into 6 pieces. Third, heat the pan and pour olive oil. Four, throw bread one by one into the mixed and bring them to fried into the hot pan. Five, when the bread is golden brown, place them into a plate. Six, EAT!!! Gegege...


  1. Well done, save this for your future restaurant. kakakaka

  2. I haven't given up that idea kekeke... Eater Restaurant haha...


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