Sister Reunion

Finally, we have time to spend together since Touch's arrival. I've been busy with this and that. Sorry sissy but I know you ot mind :D

So, we went to Topaz for a lovely meal together. The idea was Flo wants french food. It was the only place that poped up in our mind. So, off we went.

A bit sad that I didn't bring my D90 along or else there are better shots to share. Anyway, these are taken by my iDevil. At least, it retouch our skin to the best level haha...

Though it's friday, we didn't stay late. The reason is tomorrow we are heading to Oudong for Bang Thy's wedding. We need a rest so we can spend a long hour in the heat gagaga... I'll share more when I'm back. For now, enjoy the blurry pictures lolz...


  1. Lovely post, sis! It was a good dinner ... and I wish we could spend time like this more often ^_^


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