World Wide Photo Walk 2010

As usual, the walk was more of the US rather than the surrounding. No surprise, I ended up with hips of the crew picture and not a single shot for the competition. Oh well, it was fun, entertaining and educating (photography, of course).

So, here are the crew :)

Nak Bang


Bang To

Bang Nin

Bang Phea

Bang Phirith


Not to forget, ME~*


  1. Haha... Thanks! Kjol ei bok moh dol blog ning?

  2. I saw you when I first arrived and then at FCC but I didn't know how you were gone right after I had the second glance lolz...

  3. Sa-art jeang Ke yours and Nak Bang's. hahahahaha

  4. Bias saying but I like it haha....

    That kjol should sweep you more often to update ur blog too haha,...


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