Welcome Home

Don't be too happy. She's here for few days only. Soon she'll be gone to her DOM again haha... Honestly, it's a bit of a jealousy that she loves DOM more than she loves me now :( Face the fact! She's still the lovely sis ;) And now, she's even better esp. with flo inside her cute and round tummy. Yeah, time flies and I couldn't catch up but to play along. She's even bigger than I am. Who could have thought she would beat me just everything? haha... just a joke. I'm amazed with flo inside my sister's tummy. So cute. Amazing.


  1. I look fat ... somehow my tummy does not seem big like the outside. hahaha ... I still love you the same, sissy! It is just another love I have for Dom. :D We should have you inside the shoot too!

  2. You're pregnant! LOlz... I am also there in you four's heart gagaa


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