The Up and Down

It has been happening. It's becoming more often. And so I am getting bored of every little thing that happens around me. I sometimes feel so weird about myself. I sometimes have so many questions in my head. I sometimes could not answer anything. I sometimes doubt myself. I sometimes wonder how could these be happening at all?

Sometimes I just broke down and cry. Sometimes I couldn't feel the pain. Sometimes I think everything is what we think it is. Sometimes I could feel the power. Sometimes I think I know everything. Sometimes I think I have reached my goal. Sometimes I think there are so many things to reach. Sometimes I don't have the confidence. Sometimes I think I can't do it. Sometime this sometimes that. Have I gone insane already?

Yes, these are craps. I am not expecting anyone to cheer me up but I hope you would. I am facing a crisis of not knowing a thing. Once again I feel so dump and yes I am one. Will you say the same?