I hate this feeling. I really really really really really really hate this feeling. Why do I have to feel so wrong to be who I am?

Honestly? I need you to lie me that I am your perfect girl. I need you to tell me that whatever I do, you'd still be here. I need your assurance every now and then that you love me and will always do. I don't have that confidence anymore. I always get scared every now and then that today could be the end.

Yes, tonight I shed my endless tears to sleep. But there's no need of you to worry or maybe you are too tired to picture me in your mind; let alone forget that you'd be worried about me at this very moment. Just so you know, I'll be there smiling at you whenever you decided come back to me again. I'm not an actress but I'll be new for that day will be the day of my joyful life again.

Forgive me, I am not perfect; but, I am and still trying to be one just for you.


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