After reading so many text printed by typewriter, I want one typewriter :D It would be very classy if I could get a Khmer Typewriter.

Available at http://mytypewriter.com


  1. You're not gonna try TYPE RACING with typewriter, are you?

  2. Touch: There even more mordern than this one. This comes during the 50s already lolz...

    KK: Interesting suggestion. Maybe I should try but I don't know how Typing Racer could connect to Typewriter haha... Btw, do let me know if you happen to see any type of Typewriter in PP :)

  3. when I was a child I used to see it once. Nowadays, we rarely see a typewriter in an office. I'll let you know when I see one.

  4. Does anyone know how can I purchase one of these typwriters?


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