Old Pic

While browsing in my sister pc, I came across my own file and found this pic. That was such a long time by now. Guess, it was like in 2003. I was in year 2. Yeah! I think so cos that was the time I went to my friend's wedding. Awww... couldn't believe it! I'm an old lady now :((

*** T^o^M is my NICK


Hehehe...nothing to be sad. hahaha
Phossdey said…
Are you sure that we were in year 2? We graduated from high school in year 2002 na! And Hough got married in April!
samphors said…
oh... so you mean it was our first year in uni? Ok yeah, but it's April 2003 cos we finished highschool in august 2002. Houch didn't get married when we were in high school. It was after we were done. So it's like amost exactly 4 years by now. rite, rite???