Miss from Bangkok

Since his last call, I got no sign of him at all. I know he's in Bangkok. I know he's with friends. I know he's enjoying. But I do not know if he actually is missing me. Without the reassurance I am worried. I was waiting. I was hoping he would sms me and let me know he still have me in his thought. I was sad cos I am one who do not know what he is doing at this time, this moment, this minutes, and this second. I thought of sending him mail to let him know how much I miss him. I sign in into our love mail account. There he is! His mail is in my inbox with a title "Miss u from Bangkok". He told me how he spends the day, how much he needs me to be there with him, and how much he misses me. I am happy again with this lovely and caring mail. I know he's out there on a trip, not suppose to check mail. But he did. He did this for me cos he doesn’t want me to worry. How thoughtful? Awww… honey, it means a lot to me. Thanks for having done so. Love...


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