Appreciation Letter

Not that I got one but I made plenty for those student in Boeung Thom Village. It's a program created by my mum with the Chief. We select 3 student from rank #1-#3 in each class which include grade 9A-E to 7A-E. Totally, 39 student. This is the first time in that village to get such a letter, plus, a package of stuff with little sum in it. I wish I could join but I am so unlucky to not being able to. I do wanna see how happy they would be to get such an honor. This is pride to their parents, I believe. I bet they would frame it and display it in their house cos you know, I would do the same if I got one lolz... So you know, the incentive of seeing those kid being happy making me feel not tired to make it done. I'll show you the appreciation letter if I were to have time ;)


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