Bowling Bowling

At around 4, my bro called and asked if I wanna go bowling. I said yes cos I was bored staying at home, surffing the net alone in room. So at around 5.15 I was ready to go. When we first arrived, there were only 4 of us. Others are just on the way. So we started playing. Soon after the rest came and yeah, we just bet with 2$. Oh yeah, I was hoping to win but nah, who could beat my bro nos? So yeah, I lost the first round. Later, Ketya and her friend came. So we divided into 3 group. I were with my bro. I thought I would win cos my bro's score was like 190 sth. However, I played badly with my sis, we turn out to came the second with 4score behind. So sad, lost another 2$ :( However, our last chance to win. I, my sis, and bro did our best and ran up to the first with 403. My score was not good but yeah, better than the previous one hehehe... So I got 4$ back. So good cos after all I got what I lost back heheheh... We took quite a number of pictures and they all are nice but sorry, share later na :)