For Mum Birthday

When she said she is going to Siem Reap, I was not surprise cos I know she loves travelling. But when she said, it falls on her birthday, I was stunned. How could this be? We suppose to have a birthday party for you, mum. But well, she refuse to cancelled the trip. So, it means she's gonna celebrate her birthday alone. BUT HEY!!!! It ain't gonna happen. She's always been a good mum. Thus, she deserve more than this. So, I and my elder sis came up with a plan to celebrate a surprise brithday for her there. We don't tell her that we gonna go to Siem Reap and we give no clue at all about our plan. We hope to have her enjoy her birthday.

Here is how the day should be:

06.00 Sis leaves her home
06.15 Sis picks me up
06.20 Buy breakfast (at Starmart near my house, hotdog and apple juice)
06.30 Leave Phnom Penh (watch movie or might sleep along the way there)
12.00 Arrive Siem Reap (we are gonna drive fast, thus it taks a little longer than usual time, cos mum gonna be at Kulen at this time. We don't think we can catch up with her by then. So we decided not to wait for her return)
12.15 Lunch (anywhere as long as it taste good)
14.00 Buy cake (anywhere where there's cake, a good one, of course ^_^)
14.40 Hang around any temple (where the nearest to Cultural Village cos mum gonna be there around 4)
16.00 Cultural Village (call her and ask where she is. I haven't thought of how to ask yet. Probably we can just wait near the entrance. Then we can bring the cake to her when she enter. Or maybe, we can call her out cos she's gonna be with 40students which I don't think it's a good idea to surprise them all hehehe... Shy lah)
19.00 Go to airport
19.45 Depart from Siem Reap
21.00 Arrive Phnom Penh
22.00 Arrive home
23.00 Sleep (get ready for work the next day)


alex said…
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kaksekor said…
such a lovely daughter, did your dad also join with your surprise birthday for your mum? that would make it more surprise for her.