Mum's BIG 5 Birthday Party in Siem Reap

Things weren't like what we planned cos we left Phnom Penh at around 8 as we need to have a proper breakfast for the driver, or else he would drive us badly lolz... Though we left rather late, we still arrived at around 11.30 which is earlier than what we planned.

Once we arrived we went straight to a restaurant name Bonteay Srey. I'm not sure what's so special about this restaurant but I always happen to be there every time I'm in Siem Reap.

At around 13.30 we headed to Ankor Palace Resort and Spa, where we used to go there once. I found a lovely cake name Chocolate Royal Cake. That's my choice. Sis agreed, so we bought it. We paid and went to Ankor Wat.

As always, it was damn hot. My skin color changed and my eyes were half-closed. I forgot to bring my sunglasses :( Wish I didn't lolz... Nvm, I got a hat. A lovely hat which is match to my tee. It helps tich tich de ning na, despite it was sort of stuffy in the head.

Anyway, we did go around Ankor Wat though my sis was sort of really tired. She doesn't like hot but since I insisted, she came along hehehe... Oh... you know what! My heart was beating very fast when I climed up to the top of the temple. The stair was kinda small and broken. But nah... that became nothing when I can see a very beautiful view from the top of Ankor Wat. It was as amazing as it has always been. It's my fourth time to be in Ankor Wat. But I never been tired of seeing the very nice view with green leaves and the wonderful work of art that were carved on the wall of the temple. More espcially when I can see the smile on Absara face. All of them has their own beauty with their warm welcoming smile. Awwww... I love them!

OK!!!! Let's go back to the topic. I keep walking around the temple, taking picture, looking at every Absara, and fianlly came down with a happy feeling. It was sort of a rush cos it was 15.30 already when we left Ankor Wat. We went back to take the cake and went to Cambodian Cultural Village.

Btw, I think I forgot to mentioned that it no longer is a surprise party when Dad told Mum about our visit :( I guess he couldn't remember that it is a surprise party or maybe he's just too happy for Mum that couldn't wait for her to see it by her own. So Mum waited for us there. We, I and my sis, ran into her arms and kissed her follow by a Happy Birthday. There were tears in her eyes. I could felt her joy. Though it didn't surprise her, she still is happy than ever. She kept mentioning about us coming for her birthday every time she met those prospective teacher coming with her. At that moment, there suddenly was a phone call from oversea, it's from my Twin Sis Mum was even happier than she was. This is what I wish for :)

Ok, as we kinda don't have much time, we just go to see this and that around the place. See a show but sorry, forgot the name alerady hehehe... and later we came to Cambodian Cultural Village Restaurant. It was quite cheap for a beffet as it cost only 6$/person. Mum invited another teacher from her group to join. So in total there were 11ppl. I and my sis were eating in a rush, I missed Num Krok and some fresh fruit as there is not have enough time to eat.
Now, the best part comes. Cake were brought and candle were lighted. A music made by a group of traditional musician started and eveyone in table sang. Mum looked at me, looked at sis, and everybody around her as a thanks and telling how happy she is to have this special birthday. This is her BIG 5. She still looks gorgeous with her 50 of age.

I love you MUM!

Time aint waiting for us to enjoy as then it was time to leave. I don't wanna leave at all and I wished I was still on a holiday. I wish I could be with her till the last minutes of her birthday. Well, I just couldn't as it was time to go home.

We arrived at the airport at 19.10. Since it's only a domestic flight, it takes around 15mns to do all the stuff, check in and tax paying. There were one little shop in that waiting room. I just looked around and I found one little-nice-looking-thing. It's a Tiger Balm hahahaha... Funny but ok, I love it and wanna share it with my twin sis. More importantly, it is the only stuff with the Tiger name on it lolz... So I bought two of them. I don't know how I can I send her yet. Will figure it out later.

The flight took off at like 19.50. We spent only 40mns on the plane as the plane landed at 20.30. Since we don't have any luggage, we went straigh outside. Finally I am home with all the tireness from walking, climbing, and the heat of the sun, but the most special thing is, with Love from my MUM.


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