I got a call

After a very tired day I had at Siem Reap, I slept soundly on my bed. Yet suddenly, there was a call. I usually don't pick up morning call from stranger (But hey! I pick up every call from my friend but sometimes, I just happen to tune off which I may not hear and unable to pick it up) but this aint no stranger cos it was him calling me from Laos. How sweet! He called to tell me that he miss me and yeah, to let me know where he headed for.
My phone got problem or the network is not good that I could not send him any sms on the day before my mum's birthday. He was wondering why I don't reply his sms. I am sorry honey, I also have no idea why it was so though I tried to use both 016 and 012. It's just not working.
Anyway, we've talked for 5mns and it was cut off :( I did not know the reason. But later I got his sms. Hum... I guess it was the network then. He was needed to go already so yeah, that was how it end. I could reply him today though. How great? But he's gonna be in Thailand soon which this number would no longer be useful for me to contact him. Oh... tell you what, he bought that number so he can get in touch with me. Sweet sweet! If it weren't for me, he would just have enjoyed his day with his friend lolz... Thanks honey! Hope you have a nice day there!


Happy Always said…
NO matter where i am, i always want to be with u...checking ur blog everyday is what i do to not miss u too much