Mean Girl

You know what happened yesterday? In a group discussion, everyone chose me to be the leader. I said no, they insist. There were still no agreement but we later discuss cos we didn't have much time. When it was running out of time to discuss, teacher came and asked "Who's the chosen leader?" everyone pointed at me. Hell NO! Everyone just kept saying the same thing. I don't understand why would I do it when I already said NO. I'll just do it without the force. It means alot better than to do it when everyone just has no choice but to choose me. Hey! I’m not your last choice. But well, people didn’t hear my thought. So they said again and again with me saying no. When I could no longer hold on, I said “I said NO and I mean NO” Suddenly, 06 girl (one who enrolled in year 2006) just appeared and said, “You are so mean” I turned to her and said “Yes, I am NOW”. You don't have the right to judge me. Who do you think you are? I turned away. Teacher was there. She said “I think Samphors should do it” I look at her and again stand on my decision and said “I don’t change my word” Why would you too don’t understand what the word NO means? My decision was made and you can’t change it unless I want to. And at the mean time, I don't want to change my decision. She turn to everyone and said “Participation in class is counted to be part of your mark” Whatever! I won’t change my mind. That was all I did and everyone was quiet. Urgh! I just embarrassed myself with my stupid decision. Why couldn’t I just do it? Nah… That has never been your favorite. Why would you need to do what you don’t like? That will tell everyone that you mean everything you said. You don’t play with word and act like you want everyone attention in choosing to be something. So just act normal cos that will be just fine ;) OK. So… that was the story.