HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows

This is a shame, I borrow this book from my colleague. This time last year, I got many offering me the book. But this year is a complete different. I have none offer me one. Not even ONE! Not even I, myself. This is stupid. I mean, HEY! I am Harry Potter fan but how could I not have the book by now? Instead the rest would have finished reading already.

I got it from her last night. I started reading but finished just one chapter and I felt asleep. 17 pages. Damn it! I wanna finish the whole book. So I went back home during lunch to finish another chapter. After exam I'll go straigh home, eat dinner, and continue reading it. I'm gonna tune my phone off. And I'm not gonna answer anyone, or reply any sms, but reading the book. Ha! Let's see if I ever be able to finish the book by tonight hehehehehe...


  1. Haha, don't forget food and sleep. The first thing I did after I got the book was to go right back home and locked myself in for one whole weekend. Some friends still managed to tell me they already knew the ending. I was like grrrrr, just f*ck off!

    Anyway, I haven't really seen that DH book cover you posted? What edition is this? Just beware, it may be a fake book...

  2. Fake book? We're not cheap. lol By the way, that's a cool one, sis. Err ... it's not important with the ending. The thing is with sth inside, right??? agree! lol

    PS oh! come on, I offered you if you'd want it, 'd buy here and send it over. don't care how it'll cost. lol

  3. Come on, I didn't mean fake as in cheap. I'm very sure you guys aren't cheap (whatever that means!) I was trying to say somebody might have played a prank and put stuff like stupid untrue plots in there because obviously the book jacket with Harry bleeding on it is a fake book jacket...


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