When I open my eyes the time was 8.30AM. I could not move myself out of bed. Then again, I felt asleep. The second time I open my eyes, the time was 9.30AM. I could not go to work. I can not move properly. I somehow manage to get my phone and sms ADEL to inform her of my absent. I always fall sick whenever I have a cut on my body. However, i don't have any cut on my body this time; yet, I am sick. I just can not do anything beside lying there looking at the ceiling with my half-close eyes. I wish I could lay there forever. There were no one knocking on my door as always. It was unusual of everybody. I somehow like it to be left alone in my room. I enjoyed the morning without distubance.

I was home for lunch but no favorite food of mine. It was a disappointment. But that is because MUM did not know I was home. So well, that's how it went.

I went back to my MUM's room. We talked again. I gave her a massage till she was asleep. I left for my room at around 2.30PM and went to bed again till around 4.30PM. I was awake but still sleepy. Yet, I wanna go to my brother restaurant. I wanna work today. I was dressed and ready to go. I picked MUM and sis from sis' house then went straigh to my brother restaurant. I started working; but guess what? Not many people there. So, I just take order from my MUM, sis, and aunt (aunt Cheat who was at sis house teaching Khmer to Bobee). The waiter there smile at me cos I was dressing like they way they do. It was fun. I'm gonna do it again next time lolz...


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