Welcoming Raining Season

I said "I'm going to Pagoda" and he said "what? Impossible"

Gosh! What kinda person do you think I am? I'm born to be buddhist and so... I am doing what buddhist woud do.I can't recall when was the last time I went to pagoda though kekeke...

Anyway, I'm going to pagoda with Mum, Grandma, Uncle Vong, Aunty Socheata, Uncle In Law, Cousin: Chio and Tipo, Bang Thy, Srey Neang and Vy. It was quite nice there. I was feeling kinda relax when listening to the prayer from the monk. I got blessed by the holy water also. And the resaon why I am going is because it is CHOL VORSA which people who are buddhist shall be going to pagoda. It tells that we will see rain everyday from now on. I'll try to take picture of the rain later.

After having done everything, we walked around the pagoda. See this and that. Since my cam was running out of memory, I manage to have only 2 pictures. See it below:

[Sorry, connectin sucks! Pc Sucks! --> picture can't be uploaded]

Pissed off.


  1. I like the raining season. Cool windy, less sun shine and easy to life.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Get a new one before you go to Jap!

  3. huh? y go to Pagoda? not yet pchum ben te nah....anyway, i miss going there too..loll

  4. Man, rainy season's my most favorite time of the year! When it rains in the morning, it always feels very good to just lie in bed and sleep!!! But usually my mom would just come in and kick my ass out of bed to prepare for school...


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